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At Work Gap Solution, we’re committed to bridging the gap between your business challenges and the skilled professionals who can solve them. Let us help you find the right talent to elevate your business to the next level. Always have the right people at the right time with a US contract workforce at your fingertips.

Caring For Your Business, Like It's Our Own.

You don’t have time to wait until folks on your team can get up to speed. The pressure to be successful is sometimes overwhelming. Don’t wait until you’re underwater.


maybe social media


like micro-automations


oh, a project manager

Back Office-

or accounts receivable

Trust Doesn't Have To Come Face to Face...

Our Team Is Your Team.

Don’t make the most common mistake as a business leader. You don’t have to have all the answers and solve all the problems. But you do need to know where to get the right people with the right skills.

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Navigate the Path to Business Greatness.

Empowering Business Owners to Thrive

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The Hundreds of Projects We've Fulfilled =

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Driving Growth, Amplifying Impact

Julie Nelson

“I run the marketing org for a cybersecurity company & hired a guru who far exceeded my expectations by taking a consultive approach. I’m so incredibly impressed and will continue to hire their top talent “

Jean LaVallie

“What an incredible relief to be able to off-board the tedious work of creating content for marketing and social media! Our Guru has made all the difference in the world in our SEO and also our public reach! She is worth her weight in gold! “

Steve West

“I only have one full time employee and 15 freelancers. Using freelancers allows me to retain .71 cents on every dollar!”

The Process Is Simple

Trust, Time, & Flexibility. Do you have it?

We understand that managing a business comes with its unique challenges, and we’re here to make things easier for you. Imagine having access to a pool of top-tier, US-based freelancers, ready to tackle your projects and propel your business forward. Here's how partnering with Work Gap Solution can help you overcome common business obstacles:

No Billing, No Paperwork, No Stress Guarantee

Find the right person first, then pay for the project via credit card. Funds re held in escrow by Stripe until the job is complete. Funds are are paid out within 24 business hours once you approve the work. We hold the 1099 so no taxes or paperwork plus there's a 100% guarantee, so NO stress for you.

Access to Specialized Skills

Every business has unique needs, and finding the right talent locally can be challenging. Our platform connects you with professionals across various fields—whether you need an experienced software developer, a creative graphic designer, a sharp financial analyst, or a compelling content writer. These freelancers bring years of experience and can deliver high-quality work right from the start.

Scalability and Flexibility

Business demands can be unpredictable. Sometimes you need extra hands for a short-term project, while other times you might require ongoing support for an evolving initiative. Hiring through Work Gap Solution means you can scale your workforce up or down based on your current needs, allowing you to manage your budget more effectively without the long-term commitment of full-time hires.

Speed and Efficiency

Long hiring processes can delay your projects significantly. Our platform simplifies the process of finding and hiring the right freelancer quickly by hiring based on skills not a resume. Gig resumes are 200 words . You can post a job, review qualified candidates, and make a hire within days, not months. This efficiency means your projects start sooner, helping you achieve your business goals faster.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Hiring a freelancer means you’re only paying for the work you need, without the additional costs associated with full-time employment such as benefits, office space, and equipment. This cost-effectiveness allows you to allocate resources more strategically and invest in other areas of your business.

Reliability and Quality Assurance

Trust is paramount when outsourcing work. That’s why every freelancer on our platform is thoroughly vetted for fraud. You can review ratings and feedback from previous clients, ensuring you’re hiring someone with a proven track record of delivering quality work.

It's time to think outside the office.

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