What's the Fee?

With any freelance type service, it's always the client. Money goes one way. Many companies take the fee out of the workers funds, but that doesn't change who pays. We want to build trust between client and worker by taking us out of the equation. Our fee is 20% on top of what the guru asks for the job. Meaning we don’t take money out of what they require, we add out fee on top.

Are you associated with SmartMomGig?

YES! You will often be referred back to SmartMomGig as you work with our services. SmartMomGig was the original company and some of our documentation will reference that material. All legal and financial materials will reference SmartMomGig. All other companies within the brand are DBAs under SmartMomGig. Check it out at www.SmartMomGig.com

Expected behavior using the site

All users of the service are expected to act in a professional & moral manner. Gurus must be respectful and work with integrity. You must complete work as agreed in the scope. You must follow guidelines of the request by the owner. You may NOT try to take work off the site. Any violation in this will result in being banned,Owners must treat workers with integrity and professionalism. Gurus are like “temps”. You may not treat them like employees. You may not ask them to do extra work for free or reduced rates. You may not contact them and ask to work directly for you without written consent.

Is this only for the United States?

Yes, at this time you will need need to be a United States citizen in order to sign up and get paid.

How do I know I'm hiring who I think I am?

We vet the gurus through Stripe. They must provide a phone number, bank account, and social security number to Stripe. Stripe conducts the full verification. We follow strict regulatory methods for fraud prevention.

How is everyone kept on the up and up?

After a gig is complete both the Gig Guru and the Gig Owner will give feedback based on a :) system. Everyone can view both sides of the feedback.

Can I contact the other party?

Yes, but only through the site. We have an instant message platform that allows safe contact for both parties. other contact information will not be shared. All offers, acceptances, and payments will be through Work Gap Solution.

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When am I charged?

Just like with any other online purchase, you will pay upfront. Your credit card will be charged when you place your gig. The funds will be held until the gig is complete. Meaning, the guru will not be paid until you mark the gig complete.

What if I want to hire the worker full-time?

If you are the owner or the guru and would like to convert the job to full time YOU MUST CONTACT Work Gap Solution first. Offering or requesting to take work offline is a violation of the terms & conditions. email:support@workgapsolution.com

Still have questions? Email us: help@workgapsolution.com

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